Creative Coding Workshop in Graz/Austria

We are starting a creative coding workshop series in Graz/Ausrtia on the 23rd of May. It’s purpose will be to share knowledge, technology and fun (obviously), as well as creating a local network. We’ll be starting at 4pm.

For the first workshop, we are planing to give a short introduction on openFrameworks and Processing. The content and speaker of the next sessions will be defined by requests and some real-life projects. I’ll try to keep this post updated, but any news can be found on the website ( and the twitter account (@CreativeCodeAT)

Speaker for the first session:

Andreas Förster

He probably whisll set a focus on Processing and design in creative coding.

Matthias Esterl

I want to work with oF a lot, working generative stuff, creating of algorithms and also interaction with hardware (Arduino, RPi, etc…)


The location for our first workshop will be our newly renovated office at Kernstockgasse 16, 8020 Graz, Austria

If you are in the area, drop by and help us to share this event.