Creative coding with circles

Hello fellow creative coders! I would like to share something I wrote with you all. In the month of May, I coded daily and always worked with circles. This article is a summary of what I did and some techniques I explored. Hope you find it interesting!


Hi, thanks for sharing. That looks great. You mention that you used openrndr. I am curious about how that code looks like. Are you sharing your code somewhere? Otherwise, how do you feel that openRNDR works in comparison to OF?

Hi, thank you! OpenRNDR is a Kotlin framework and runs on the JVM (like Processing). However, Kotlin itself targets not only the JVM but also transpiles into Javascript and native binary.

I haven’t shared my sketch code anywhere, but I’ve been working on a KotlinJS library for creative coding: GitHub - chosamuel/kishibe: 2D Webgl graphics framework for KotlinJS

In comparison to OF, it isn’t as mature. The ecosystem isn’t yet as extensive as OF’s OfxAddons for example. But since Kotlin can interop with Java, it has access to the available Java ecosystem.

In terms of code, OpenRNDR feels very different. It’s less imperative and more functional, due to immutability in Kotlin.

Thanks for the explanation. I have no experience with Kotlin but it sounds interesting to have a more functional approach to creative coding. I’ll take a look at it.