Creative Coding Internship at Sea Labs

At Sea Labs, we build hardware and software systems that enable full-spectrum sensory interaction.

We believe that in the eld of usercentered computing, the problem
isn’t the speed of computers, or the speed of our minds—it’s how we connect the two.

We’re seeking a creative programmer with experience in Processing and openFrameworks to work on an exciting
breakthrough project. It involves visual, sound, and interactive design, as well as a patent pending hardware
solution. You will work closely with a highly creative team coming up with creative solutions to prototype and
build novel applications. The emphasis will be on designing interactions which are intuitive and natural. You will need to approach code development in relation to visual, tactile, and aural ways, and above all connect the algorithms with our deep synthetic intuitions.

You Will:
• solve challenging, interesting problems and hone your professional skills
• contribute to something that’s never been done before
• gain valuable work experience working with a high-tech company
• help us to define a new direction for music and music technology!

You Have:
• great aesthetic judgment and well developed sense of intuitive design
• advanced skills in Processing, openFrameworks and other programming languages
• ability to work to deadlines
• attention to the smallest details
• passion for new experience
• the desire to work in a start-up environment on a breakthrough technology
• love for music, design, media, and technology

You’ll be given a new iPad to track document your work, and when you successfully complete the internship it will be yours to keep. We will also pay your transport costs—the work
will take place at our studio in East London.

We will also be hiring as we grow as a company, so this is a great chance for us to get to know you.

Please email your CV, and a cover
letter explaining why you would be
well suited to the internship to: