Creative Coders wanted

Hey, I work part-time/freelance for this company called seeper (check or, based in London. They’re looking for more coders, here’s the spec:

Creative Coders wanted

Seeper are looking for creative coders to employ or collaborate full/part-time. We’re interested in talking to people of all levels
We need someone who thinks outside the box and wants to be involved in exciting research, development, art and brand projects.
Here’s some of the tech areas we work in:

  • Generative visualisation + sound
  • Kinetic electronics: instruments and sculptures
  • Surface computing
  • Gestural camera vision

Here’s some of the areas this is used:

  • Interactive Arts installations
  • Arts Festivals
  • Product launches
  • Responsive Architectural Environments
  • Internal research and development

The kinds of coding experience we need is as follows.
You don’t need to have all of these! Some would help though…

  • openFrameworks
  • AS3, Java, processing
  • Computer vision: OpenCV
  • OpenGL
  • Arduino

Let me know if you want more details. If you’re interested, get in touch - hello [at] seeper [dot] com