Creating Virtual Webcam

Need some help creating a system recognized input device.

If, for example, I wanted to create an application that took a feed from a webcam, manipulated the input, then output those frames to some sort of virtual webcam that I could select as the input device for another software such as Skype or iChat.

I am aware of Syphon, but this protocol only communicates with other Syphon enabled applications. I specifically would like to fake a webcam source.

Another project that came to mind was the “FaceFlip,” but after looking at the source of this application, it seems it was just a plug-in for CamTwist. I’m wondering how to do the CamTwist part.

Any ideas?


Since CamTwist sources aren’t available (I’ve asked) you will have to find/create your own component that uses VDIG.

Apparently VDIG is being depreciated for CoreMediaIO (OS X 10.7+) which is currently undocumented

No news about this subject ? A new addon maybe ?