Creating SVG with distinct layers

Hola friends, took some time away from oF, but recently got an Axi-Draw pen plotter and have returned because making SVG’s is so DARN EASY!

Only thing I can’t figure out is how I’d create different/named layers in the SVG for different parts of the image. This translates to much more flexibility when plotting via Saxi or Inkscape without the painful process of selecting/grouping manually.

I fully expect the functionality to be there and I’ve missed it, so happt to take the lump if so, but if not does anyone have tips?


hello! there is no specific vector layer method; to streamline the process the possibilities are using colours to code your groups (and “select by stroke color”), or exporting in different files as discussed for PDF in Layered pdf export


This addon might be what you are looking for @nickhubben

Allows for layer names.
I think it requires ofxPoco addon to be include too.