Creating new application (following OF site instructions)


I was trying this evening to create new android applications, following the guidelines from OF website:
So basically copying an example and renaming it.

I realized that the “renaming advices” from the website, section “Creating new applications” do not seems to be enough as I was having errors.

On top of what is written there, I also needed to open and rename the application name in the following files:

Is there an issue here or is it just the website which is not up to date?


are you copying the example inside eclipse? that should deal with classpath, cproject and project. OFActivity should be specified in the docs

Alright I see that’s the trick :).
No I was copying the project outside of Eclipse so this explain that.


Could you please explain what do you do to create projects? I’m running into some really strange problems here.

upd: I’ve had a long-lasting problem creating new android application, and, thanks to this thread, I’ve figured what was my mistake. It was the workspace setting: you should only create new apps while your Eclipse workspace is in the OF/apps/myApps . Then you should copy/pase project inside the workspace, then you rename the stuff according to the manual.