Creating Install.xml file for the Project Generator

Hi Everyone !

I’m going through the process of updating my addon for the IISU middleware, one useful improvement I thought would be adding support for the project generator.

In my develop branch I created an install.xml and I based it off of OpenCV install.xml and the AssimpModelLoader.xml

but the paths didn’t copy over correctly. Here are some screenshots
The overall install is pretty easy. I just need two header search paths :

“…/…/…/addons/ofxIisu/src” and “…/…/…/addons/ofxIisu/iisu”

with one library@

Is there a bug with the project generator ? Or am I just totally missing something. Using OF release 0073 for Visual Studio

install.xml is not used naymore, we are working in a new file format but the PG actually parses the file system to look for the correct include paths and libraries, if you follow the correct structure it’ll work automatically without need for any config.

i think you problem is libs shoul be:


where the .h files go in include and the binary libraries in the corresponding folder, take a look at the complete folder structure here:

Awesome ! Thanks Arturo this is exactly what I was looking for ! /thread