Creating bounding box of an ofxAssimpModel

I’ve never dealt with ofxAssimpModelLoader before, just getting into it. I have my model loading, lighted, and displayed, but now I want to get some more information from it. What might be an efficient way to generate a bounding box around it?

I have started by creating a vector that will hold the point data representing the bounding box. Are there existing ways of querying the model to find the location of it’s points? From there I can get the minimum and maximum, and then I should have the bounding box.

Any tips, advice, or if you know of any more resources other than the assimp example, that would be great.

I found the methods for getSceneMin, getSceneMax, etc, and although they definitely seem to relate, they don’t seem to really find the extremities properly. Partly because I don’t understand the role of “scene” to ofxAssimpModelLoader. I also can see the methods getBoundingBoxWithMinVector and getBoundingBoxForNode, both of which I have no clue what to pass into to make work.