Creating a new project from scratch in Windows, Codeblocks


Is there a list anywhere of the things you need to do in order to create a new project, manually, from scratch, (i.e no copy pasting) that works with OF ?

I’m looking for this in order to get a better picture overall because at the moment I just copy-paste the emptyExample and I don’t understand how everything in the project is linked and setup, making understanding how things work and adapting other people’s projects from e.g xcode, or library manipulation, impossible


The empty example is the bare bones set up and it will display as black (as its empty). Why not try copying one of the other examples like the graphicsExample, rename it and have a play instead.

I edited the original post to avoid confusion - I meant “black box” as something that I understand nothing about, not a literal black box on the screen :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a readme in the codeblocks download that should help.

here’s the relevant bits:

  1. if you want to make a new project:

a) copy the folder inside of apps and paste in the same directory

ie (copy “emptyExample” and paste “copy of emptyExample”)

b) rename the folder, and inside the folder, rename the .cbp and .workspace

c) open the .cbp file with a text editor. Change the occurance of the old name to the new name:

line 5:

for example, if I copied emptyexample and wanted to call it “coolExample” would look like:

line 5:

in the workspace file, change the name of .cbp file:

line 4:

to whatever you’ve renamed the cbp to.

Thanks, I think what I was asking was just in a sticky in codeblocks forum.