creating a deb package for testing OF in puredyne?


In a few weeks there will be a new release of puredyne linux system ( This will be the first time they are based on Ubuntu (before it was plain Debian). I had some emails about running OF in puredyne with some of the developers. They ask me if I would like to create a deb to be included in PureDyne.

PureDyne can be used as a normal system but it is also thought to be used as a liveCD for testing purposes. So they would like to have the OF library and examples included so that people can directly run them without needing to download OF, install the dependencies, compile and finally run.

We had few emails talking about the fact that OF is distributed as source (currently) and most people would expect not to have a deb. But since the main idea is to be able to show OF to students, we decided the easiest way might be to have it all compiled.

I have never done any deb myself, I am reading about it now, and the guys form puredyne would help me as much as they can (not much, they are few and lot of work to get the next version up and running on time).

i thought it would be good idea to post here about it, mainly to see what you guys think about this, and also because I thought maybe someone has experince with creating deb an might answer any of my questions?


hi enrike

i was talking with the guys from goto10 some months ago too, and even with some debian packagers, which would be the way to go as having oF in debian means it will be in ubuntu, puredyne… but there’s some problems to include oF in a linux distribution, for example the dependencies it has with fmod. although you can use fmod for non profit without problem, you cannot redistribute it so i don’t think puredyne is going to include fmod as a package.

apart from that you will need to package rtaudio too. i talked with some debian packager some time ago and she was trying to package it but it was a problem for them cause many programs already include rtaudio in they’re own source so they would like to make those packages depend on the rtaudio one instead of including the source. this won’t be so much of a problem in pure dyne as they’re not so strict as debian but yet you’ll need to create this package too.

the same goes for unicap, you will need to create a package for it too. also debian was packaging it but it’s not yet in ubuntu/puredyne

the rest of the libraries that oF depends on are already in debian/ubuntu so it would be a matter of changing the project files for the examples to depend on that libraries at a system level.

also there’s the problem of how to package the examples. as it works now the compiling is done in the same directory where the project files are. normally a package like that will go under /usr/share/docs/oF/examples or something like that but that won’t work as a user don’t have permission to write to that directory.

you will need to create also a package for the addons or include the addons in the same binary as the core, which will make thinks even more complex on how to setup the project files.

another more problem to create a package is the codeblocks version we are using is the svn one not the one included in the repositories so although it will work things like running the examples from the ide won’t work.

as you can see it’s not an easy task. i don’t think that oF as it is now is prepared to be packaged as a deb.


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thanks for the answer. i guess the deb will have to wait :wink:

the FMOD library is specially a problem because of license issues. it would be nice to get a replacement from that. i am reading now few threads on this issue in the forum.

Well… as per the library installation end of things, I believe that the current 0.06 FAT package has scripts to automatically install the requirements (rtAudio, FMOD, etc.) through APT-Get and other methods. Assuming that Puredyne will support APT-Get, you might be able to make them dependancy packages…