Creating a AppImage for linux


if you wanna have a portable AppImage for your OF app under linux you can do this (im not sure if it will work with all linux vs but i’m under manjaro on a razer blade) just i case

Create an AppDir structure that looks (as a minimum) like this:

MyApp.AppDir/AppRun    --- you donwnload this from [here]( get the one AppRun-x86_64 and just renamed to AppRun
MyApp.AppDir/usr/bin/myapp --- copy your OF app here  i copied  the bin folder complete
MyApp.AppDir/usr/lib/ -- din't know what to do with this but i   copy   here also 

you have to make de MyApp.AppDir/myapp.desktop file like this

[Desktop Entry]

and then just download the appimagetool-x86_64.AppImage and run the appimage tool to your MyApp.AppDir and you will get a portable appImage under linux

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I didn’t know what AppImage is. This is what I found:

AppImage is a format for distributing portable software on Linux without needing superuser permissions to install the application. It tries also to allow Linux distribution-agnostic binary software deployment for application developers, also called Upstream packaging. Released first in 2004 under the name klik, it was continuously developed, then renamed in 2011 to PortableLinuxApps and later in 2013 to AppImage.


Yup that it is


thanks @cyrstem for sharing

it’s a nice way to package all your app under the same icon and it has the benefit to reduce its size

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Yes i did that don’t know if its necessary ill test in a different system without of dependencies install and see if it works

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