Create Project - openFrameworks path is not correct

Hi! I´ma total beginner. Whenever I create a new project I get this message:

The selected project path is not 2 levels below the openFrameworks root folder. If this is not what you were intending, cancel this dialog now and set a new path. Otherwise, select the correct OpenFrameworks path in the following control. This will create the project using absolute paths which might prevent it from working on other computers or if you move the openFrameworks install to a different location. The openFrameworks path is not correct.

I have openFrameworks installed in Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017.

How do I solve this problem and create a new project?

Are you creating a a project using the project generator?

No, I´m not. Where do I find that tool?

when you download openFrameworks, there is a folder called “projectGenerator”. Inside there is an executable that helps to create a new project. Download the last nightly version and let us know how it goes