Create or choose window's size at app launch

is there a way to choose (or enter with keyboard) the main window’s size (and other variables) when launching open frameworks app ? with console ?

I haven’t used it yet, but the add-on ofxArgParser is designed to let you get the command line arguments to your program, which you could then pass to ofSetupOpenGL in main.cpp.

Or, you could start with a small window size and program a text entry control in OF to take screen size parameters.

Thanx Drazinut.
I tried with :
string width = ofSystemTextBoxDialog(“Width:”);
string height = ofSystemTextBoxDialog(“Height:”);
if(width.length()) {X=ofToInt(width);}
if(height.length()) {Y=ofToInt(height);}
It works, but dialog boxes one after another when you have more than 2 variables is a bit long to proceed.

So I ended with a xml file I can edit quickly and change all variable at same time.
i start with a small window size as you told me, and:
X = XML.getValue(“WIDTH”, 1280);
Y = XML.getValue(“HEIGHT”, 720);
. …
with my xml file :
< WIDTH >1280
< HEIGHT >720

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…and of course:
to set my window with new size.

I’m glad you got it working. Thanks for sharing what you did.