Create GUI for scratch

Hi! I need to design an interface for a new software developed in openFrameworks. The idea is that it is a new interface and not an implementation of others. I need recommendations. In what format should I design the elements of my interface? SVG? Do I need to program it in oF code or can I export files designed in another program for example in Illustrator?

Hi, it really depends on what you are aiming at. Say if you want to have resizable elements or not, or if you want it to use simple shapes or image based. In any case, I think it is a good idea to start “sketching” the design of the UI in some software where you feel comfortable, determine what kind of elements you want and need to use, which colors, spacings, margins, etc. I would strongly encourage you to get familiar with ofRectangle class, as it will prove to be really useful. Also take a look at how to use mouse events as you’ll also need to implement some mouse listeners otherwise the code can get a bit messy.

Thanks Roy, ok i understand. Once I have designed my interface, where could I start to migrate it to oF and what would be the best way?

Is there any particular need for doing it from scratch? because it can be a lot of work to get it all right.
Take a look at and look in the GUI section, and look at how other gui addons are made. At the end what you have are just squares/rectangles interacting with the mouse, so learning how to deal with these from the most basic level is where to start.

you can take a look into this addon… It has classes to handle clicking/boxes…etc