Create examples (solved)


I couldn’t find the documentation on how to create the example projects when working with the git version of OF. I think there was an option within the old project generator via an sh script. Is this still in there somewhere?

in linux you can compile the old PG and use it from the command line, use projectGenerator --help to get info. you can even copy it to /usr/bin to use it from anywhere. on other platforms you’ll need to create them one by one from the new PG

Good thing i am on linux. Thanks!

Incidentally build instructions are also called out in the README’s Developers section as @bilderbuchi pointed out in #2958 - Document and provide tooling to generate example project files. I am still of the opinion that we could create a examples/ that mentioned this as well.

I have to admit I’m not a fan of scattering Readme files everywhere - makes it harder to make sure you’ve seen all the info there is, makes it harder to keep up-to-date, favors information duplication, etc.
Also (and I hope you don’t take this personally), if folks who use the development version of OF don’t read a ~2-screen README in the root folder in its entirety, I’m not sure what putting yet another Readme file in a subfolder which is not docs (where documentation will be expected) will accomplish - especially as soon as that Readme grows more than 1-2 screens long.

Maybe a better place for that snippet about generating examples would be in the (slightly unluckily named) /docs/, which contains other info about examples? @underdoeg where did you expect to find the information you sought?

Having said that, we can surely discuss that, maybe other devs have a different opinion. :slight_smile:

Actually the main readme is where the info should be IMO. I just overread it somehow. Probably because I am using OF for some time now and didn’t keep up to date with changes to the readme. I then started looking in the wiki for more info but couldn’t find it. That’s when I finally asked :slight_smile: