Create a endless rotation list animation

Hi all,

I have to port an application that displays a list of rows, with each row containing a number of fields (containing a string to render). These rows will be loaded from a database, probably I will do this in a background thread to avoid blocking of the main thread. Its possible that there are 0 to n rows, depending on the data fetched from the datasource,

If there are more items than can fit on the screen the “list” should start to scroll in an endless way (that means append the items that left the visible area to the end of the list) and translate the other items on the y-axis.

My idea was to create two classes:

a) Row class that inherits ofRectangle containing the related fields
b) Field class that inherits ofRectangle containing the concrete font, color

The inheritence gives me the posibility to align the fields to the parent row.

Within the update method i would update the postion of each row and within the draw method i would draw the current visible rows with the related field (related fields are aligned to the current position of the row), Each field can draw a rectangle (using ofRect) with the position an size of the filed with the contained string (using ofTrueTypeFont) on top.

So here comes my question: is this a proper way to realize such an application or is there an more efficient way? My goal is to run this app with full hd resolution on a tiny micro pc like a RPI, BeagleBoard or Cubie.

As an example the visualization of my legacy application:

Thanks in advance.