Create a class with ofxTCPClient object

Hi everyone!

First time I post so hello world!

The thing is that I’m familiarized with other PL and now I have to do a little project with OF and I’m having a problem that I’m not able to solve. I want to create a class which has an instance variable which is a ofxTCPClient because my app has to communicate with multiple servers. The problem is that when I add to the class “ofxTCPClient tcpClient;” I get this errors:

  • “operator= is a private member of ofxTCPClient” (in myClass.h)
  • “no matching constructor for initialization of myClass” (in vector.tcc)
  • "field of type ‘ofxTCPManager’ has private copy constructor (in ofxTCPClient.h)

I don’t have any clue of what’s going on…

Anyone can help me?

Thank you very much in advange!


do you have some sample code ?

That error means that a class can’t be copied. TCPClient opens a network socket so copying it would mean making a copy of the socket which doesn’t make sense so the class itself disallows making copies.

If you are not trying to explicitly copy the class like:

ofxTCPClient client2 = client1;

or anything similar, the error might happen cause you are trying to put the class or a clas containing it into a vector like:

std::vector<ofxTCPClient> clients;

ofxTCPClient client;

which will actually make a copy of client into clients which is disallowed. This same error can happen if you try to push_back into a vector a class that contains an ofxTCPClient.

To avoid it instead of using push_back you can use emplace_back like:

std::vector<ofxTCPClient> clients;


which directly creates the client in the vector instead of outside and then making a copy of it.