Crazy Dr. Dent - a little Top-View shooter game


I just wanted to present you a little top view shooter i made with OF 0.61
It’s called Crazy Dr. Dent.

About the Story and Setting:
Dr. Dent is a dentist. And he became a dentist because he’s afraid of his teeth rotting away. That’s why he tryed to learn everything he cauld about teeth. Sweets and candys are of course one of his greatest enemys.
One day he has a nightmare. In this nightmare all kinds of candys try to rot his teeth. And so he has no other choice then to defend himselfe.
So in the Game you play Dr.Dent and you have to survive as long as possible. It’s a top-view shooter and the candys spawn outside the screen.

* 10 different kind of candys
* 3 different weapons
* 3 difficulty modes
* powerups (for example medpacks)
* sweet grafics (by Petra Kettl)
* fast paced action game

It’s a small minigame designed to be played inbetween. One round takes 0-5 minutes depending on the skill of the player and the chosen difficulty.
I chose to program this game because I’m quite a fan of Top-View shooters. Also it allowed me to get more expirienced with c++ and OF.

The grafics were drawn by Petra Kettl a fellow student of mine. They give the game a unique, sweet and continuos look.

You can download the game here:…

Or you can watch a little trailer of it at my blog: