Crashing app - can someone help with error logs

Hi all,

Im having a problem with an app i made for an artist which seems to sometimes crash whilst running - it is a very simple app which just plays back a big film from a hard drive. I have a crash log from the artist but I’m not sure what the problem is from this so would appreciate it if someone with more experience could take a look.

Thanks, here’s the log: (16.6 KB)

Well the report mentions thread 0 as the crashed thread. This is your main thread and the stacktrace for that thread shows us which function call made the process crash. This part is interesting:

Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue:
4   cc.openFrameworks.ofapp       	0x000000010939c44a ofAppGLFWWindow::getCurrentMonitor() + 106
5   cc.openFrameworks.ofapp       	0x000000010939c56b ofAppGLFWWindow::getScreenSize() + 43
6   cc.openFrameworks.ofapp       	0x000000010939c600 ofAppGLFWWindow::getWidth() + 48
7   cc.openFrameworks.ofapp       	0x000000010931231a ofGetWidth() + 42
8   cc.openFrameworks.ofapp       	0x0000000108ea04d2 ofApp::update() + 3330

It makes anything monitor related suspicious. Is there a monitor connected? If so, what happens if you don’t use ofGetWidth() but just type in a number?

Thanks for this - yes it does have a monitor connected, its a mac mini with a screen for display in a gallery.

I made this app for an artist and he now has it running in 8 or 9 places (galleries/collectors houses) and he has so far had this problem with just one of the setups so i guess it could be because of the particular screen setup used. We have now reinstalled the app on the setup which crashed and Im waiting to hear if there are further problems.

One other thing - the artist has actually sent me two crash logs - they are identical and Ive just noticed that Time Awake Since Boot is 63000 seconds in both - does that suggest anything to anyone ?

finally what do these parts mean;

Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000000000000000

Hi all,

pobably you though of that already, but just to be sure: if time since boot is the same, I’d check if there is a screensaver or energy saver or shut-down-monitor setting involved who might trigger the problem.

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Hi, Thanks. I’ll get this checked now (I have to ask the gallery owner to do this for me as we are not in the same country so it will probably take a bit of time but I’ll let you know if this helps).

Thanks again

Hi again,

This app is still having the same problem - after testing with a more recent version. :frowning:

Also, the logs are telling me that the crash is happening not only at a Time Awake Since Boot of 63000 every time, but it is also happening around the same time of day every 7 days! This kind of seems unlikely/coincidence but could anyone tell me if they could think of any reason why these crashes might have this kind of regularity when the app is literally just doing a simple loop playing a film and checking the time for the whole day.

Many thanks again

Hi all,

Sorry to keep bringing this back but does anyone have any other ideas ? I’m a bit stuck right now.

I noticed apps crashing when the monitor gets turned off while the app is running.
Somehow not having an active display connected makes the app unhappy.
So, maybe they turned off the display at a certain time, or it’s on a power scheduler …

I usually use some our watchdog shell script that is called every minute by a cron job. The watchdog then restarts the app if not present.

Hey thanks,

Maybe I will have to try something like this - thanks for the advice