Crash on ofRectangle::getMaxY() converting vec3 into ivec2

Hi! Quick question: why does this crash?

ofRectangle r(1, 2, 3 , 4);
glm::ivec2 p = glm::ivec2(r.getBottomRight());

The debugger shows an error in getBottomRight() > getMax() > getMaxX() which I find confusing:

float ofRectangle::getMaxX() const {
	return std::max(x, x + width);  // - width

I guess it’s something about converting glm::vec3 into glm::ivec2. But the IDE does not notice this in advance, and there’s no useful error message when it crashes. I probably assumed getBottomRight() would return a glm::vec2, not a glm::vec3 with z=0.

This alternative works fine:

ofRectangle r(1, 2, 3, 4);
glm::ivec2 p = glm::ivec2(r.getRight(), r.getBottom());

Update: note that this program used to work fine one year ago, both in debug and release. ofRectangle did not change during this time, but maybe a change to glm or the compiler triggers this error now?