Cp:fts_open:No such file or directory

I want to run this ofxPostGlitchExample project

But it didn’t have project.pbxproj file.
So I copied the project.pbxproj file from the empty ofx example project and opened the project.
So “TARGETS” is now emptyExample.

Then, after I pushed the run button, Xcode says “Shell Script Invocation Error Cp:fts_open:No such file or directory”.
The error occurs on the TARGETS:emptyExample like the screen-shot I upload here.

How can I handle this error ?

Thank you for your any help.


I am having the same exact “Cp: fts-open: No such file or directory” issue with the ofxPostGlitchExample. Were you able to figure out?


I was able to run the ofxPostGlitchExample by making the new empty project by project generator and copying the sentences to the .h and .cpp files.
But this may be the wrong way or something we shouldn’t do for the copyright…???
note: I’m not changing it . I just saw how it moves.
I thought so because I’m sure who are arguing here↓ are far more professional than me.

I’ll check about the copyright but if someone knew whether I shouldn’t do this way, please tell me.
Thanks :)’