Couple of question to an interactive installation


I’m doing an interactive installation to present some videos with alpha channel with user interaction overlay.

So my questions are :

  • What’s the best way to handle different videos and play them according (I have a mascot in different positions and actions) ? Load all of them at beginning? Use ofQTKitPlayer ? If I load step by step with loadMovie it takes a while to load and the continuos effect is lost…

  • How can I present dynamic text (loaded from the internet) in a specific area with auto scroll and detect when it finishes to start scrolling again (infinite auto scroll with dynamic text).


Robert, for the video side, i’ve been working a lot with Quicktime videos encoded in HAP codec and using ofxHAP as a player. With 1080p the load time to start displaying the video is about 0.1 sec (with an SSD hard drive) in my MacBocPro 2011. I have never used it for a permanent installation (only for 3/4 hours displaying different videos) so you will have to check for memory leaks. Hap codec supports alpha channel if you need it.

For the dynamic text part, maybe you can store the lines of your text in a vector<string> and iterate through it to display the lines with ofDrawBitmapString(string textString, float x, float y). You can then scroll the text by varying the y parameter.