Counting people

Hi everyone,

Does someone know how to count people with openframeworks? like in this video:

Or to identify an object in a video and get data from it? for example, know the location and leave a trace, like in this video:

thank you for your help!

oF ships with a blob tracking example (examples/addons/openCvExample). I’m tracking people using a combination of that, plus Optical Flow Analysis (

Also could look at


Thank you for your replay.
I compile the example in codeBlocks and is working. And I download the rest you suggested.
I don’t know how exactly I could control the threshold in order to don’t pick noise in the background. Do you know how can I do that? I am trying to use it outdoors and I can’t control the light of the environment.

Another question I have is how can I play with the blobs I get from the openCV example and openTSPS? like count them or draw a line on them along their movement. So far I see the example buy that’s it.

Silly questions, I know, sorry, but I don’t know how to do that… I would appreciate your help