counterFinder data inside a vector

hi, i was experimenting with the opencv example that comes with of fat version , how can i get the countour data from contourFinder? i need to have that data inside a vector? how can i do that?


Once you’ve called contourFinder.findContours(…), the contours will be stored per blob in a vector of ofxBlobs called blobs, so it would be accessed by contourFinder.blobs. In each blob there’s a vector called pts, which is the coordinates of the contours, below is an example of how to access this info.

for(int i = 0; i < contourFinder.blobs.size(); i++) { // loop through blobs  
    for(int j = 0; j < contourFinder.blobs[i].pts.size(); j++) { // loop through points in blob  
        // this is the j'th coordinate of the contour for the i'th blob  
        ofPoint p = contourFinder.blobs[i].pts[j];  

Hope that makes sense.