Couldn't register xxxx with the bootstrap server. Error: unknown error code. ?

Hi there,
I worked on my project in XCode.
Everything worked fine.
I was playing a bit with ofSoundPlayer… the sound didn’t work but I was testing etc.
Then, I commented all the rows with the new additions since my last git commit/push…
I checked, I’m now totally as before BUT …

impossible to test in the simulator !!!

Check the picture, it is bizarre.
The problem is … I’m now stuck inside that bizarre situation and I cannot rollback.
My code is exactly the same as before my modifications (even if my mod have been commented, it was necessary to check that!)
The only thing I don’t master is the pure Xcode project files etc… It is “as if” something has changed and I don’t know why & what.

Any savers here ??

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Zombies were there !

Check that

It helps a lot.
It sounds like a(nother) Xcode 4.3 bug ?! (or at least the simulator bridge)