Could CLion work with oF?

howdy folks,

jetbrains have just bought out CLion, there c/c++ multi platform IDE. im quite impressed by this having tried the beta for a bit. was absolutely awesome having the multi window layout. great for big projects

but just wanted to ask whether it could be used with openframeworks?
im not right by my computer right now until the morning. ill try in the morn’. im more than interested because it cuts out a lot of ‘extras’ from xcode, but adds quite a bit too. plus it can be used on linux, Windows and mac.
sure it costs, but for mhat ive tried in the beta, it ws worth it

anyhow, just wanted to ask. see if anyone has tried before i look at it tomorrow

you can find it at


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Should work with
as CLion has CMake integration.

I worked on a simple version of CMake. For now t’s only for Mac OS X. Other OS will be supported soon.


CLion and CMake support