Correct way to create a vector of ofxGui objects

I’m a bit confused because of the syntax to create an ofParameter,

ofParameter<float> vec0;

is somewhat at odds with the way vectors are created

vector<float> starting_position;

I’m sure there is a simple explanation, and I promise I looked around quite a bit and couldn’t find what I was looking for. The goal is to manipulate 10 floats with sliders, but I would prefer to do this in a procedural way rather than having float0, float1, float2 and so on.

My silly way of doing this so far is

// ofApp.h

ofxPanel gui;
ofParameterGroup sliderGroup;
ofParameter<float> vec0;
ofParameter<float> vec1;
ofParameter<float> vec2;
ofParameter<float> vec3;
ofParameter<float> vec4;
ofParameter<float> vec5;
ofParameter<float> vec6;
ofParameter<float> vec7;
ofParameter<float> vec8;
ofParameter<float> vec9;
// ofApp.cpp 

    sliderGroup.add(vec0.set("vec 0", 0, -5, 5));
    sliderGroup.add(vec1.set("vec 1", 0, -5, 5));
    sliderGroup.add(vec2.set("vec 2", 0, -5, 5));
    sliderGroup.add(vec3.set("vec 3", 0, -5, 5));
    sliderGroup.add(vec4.set("vec 4", 0, -5, 5));
    sliderGroup.add(vec5.set("vec 5", 0, -5, 5));
    sliderGroup.add(vec6.set("vec 6", 0, -5, 5));
    sliderGroup.add(vec7.set("vec 7", 0, -5, 5));
    sliderGroup.add(vec8.set("vec 8", 0, -5, 5));
    sliderGroup.add(vec9.set("vec 9", 0, -5, 5));


I simply need each slider to control a separate float variable, and would like to do this .add() business in a for loop, etc.

Tips appreciated, and thank you

Hi @prismspecs,

Hey a std::vector is a container that is used to store instances of a class that are all the same type, and in a contiguous section of memory. So a vector of this type would be:


And a loop might look something like this:

// in ofApp.h, the vector becomes the class variable:
    ofParameterGroup sliderGroup;
    std::vector<ofParameter<float>> parameters;

// then in ofApp.setup()
    int num = 10;
    float value = 0.0;
    float min = -5.0;
    float max = 5.0;
    for(size_t i{0}; i < num; ++i)
        ofParameter<float> p;
        std::string name = "vec";
        name += to_string(i);
        p.set(name, value, min, max);

        // a copy of p ends up in the vector, but p itself will go out of scope after each interation of the loop;
        // so probably make sure to add the one from the vector to the ofParameterGroup

This compiles OK for me, but you should test it out to make sure it works the way we think it should.

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Incredibly helpful and exactly what I needed, thank you!