Core and Addons - Latest Fixes


So in an effort to bring you fixes and updates between the official OF releases (005, 006, etc) - we have put together a couple of automated scripts that checkout the latest changes from svn and zip them up for download.

The idea is that the changes will remain compatible with the current OF release - so for example if you are currently using 005 (current release) you can safely update from the svn without fear of the code causing errors etc.

Note: because of the size of the addons folder, the snapshot only contains files changed since the 005 release. This means to install the updates you should manually update your files one at a time with the files contained in the snapshot folder.

Announcing fixes:
Not all the changes we do in svn are solving major bugs or making fixes, so we will post a notice in the announcement part of the this forum only when the updates contains a fix of a serious issue or improve OF performance in a significant way.

How to update:
The methods for updating core and addons are quite different, so please read all steps fully.

openFrameworks core - hourly snapshot
RSS Feed of changes:
Diff between current and last release:

Instructions to install:
1 - download the snapshot from:…
2 - In your current OF folder - backup your libs/openFrameworks folder by zipping it as
3 - Now delete the old openFrameworks folder from libs/
4 - Move the downloaded into libs/ and unzip!
5 - The update should be complete - if you have problems you can always restore from your

openFrameworks addons - hourly snapshot
RSS Feed of changes:
Diff between current and last release:

Instructions to install:
0 - Check the rss feed and read description of the changes first!
1 - Download the snapshot from:…
2 - Unzip somewhere outside of your OF directory!
3 - A folder called addons will be created that mirrors the current addons folder structure. The folder will only contain files that have changed since the last official release.
4 - Manually replace each file in your addons folder with the respective file from the update. You may want to backup the file being replaced first! You also may want to skip updating a file if it looks like the update may break your code.
5 - The update is now done.


Hi Theo, the “last official release” I downloaded didn’t contain any addons src, and the addons last changes contains only few of them. Is there a way to download in a user friendly way all the addons source? Is there a way to connect to your svn? The web svn doesn’t allow me to download quickly the files.

Thanks, chr

be sure to download “FAT” package for the addons theo is referencing -

  • zach

Hey, I don’t have the download speed for the FAT release here, I can’t access the SVN, and the oF snapshot link appears to be broken. Is there another way for me to get the newest snapshot of the libs/openFrameworks and the addons/ folder?

Hey guys,

I cannot get access to the **core **fixes .zip either (the **addon **is accessible though). Has the address changed?[/b]


Is there already a new URL to the core and addon files? The links above still don’t work.

Hey Hank,

Welcome to the oF forum.

You can download openFrameworks FAT version, it comes with a list of addons. Also see this link for more addons with sources:

  • Vinesh

Apparently is down. Is it possible to fix it?