copying text from that codeblocks terminal popup??

ubuntu 10.10
codeblocks 10.05
when getting various errors, would like to more easily extract to post them to forum with questions

  1. if i build and run from codeblocks, there is popup terminal window that does not respond to usual text copy binding ctl-c or ctl-shift-c.

  2. screen cap it, post image file?

  3. run make from command line, cd into bin and run the debug executable. then text from that terminal i can copy with ctl-shft-c. yes this works but i’m a little lazy. but maybe this is a healthy way to moderate the number of questions… :wink:

  4. some setting in codeblocks or ubuntu that allow me to copy from that popup window?

  5. type by hand?


is super weird but in xterm you can copy just by selecting the text, the text is going to get copied to xwindows clipboard not to gnome one so ctrl+v or menus are not going to work for pasting you need to use the middle button of the mouse and in some windows shift+insert uses to work too.

so: select the text in the terminal keep it open go to any text editor or the browser and press the middle button to paste

if you are on a mac you can simulate the middle button pressing the touchpad with 3 fingers and if you have a 2 buttons mouse you can simulate the middle one pressing both at the same time.

A probably more sane option would be to configure codeblocks to use gnome-terminal instead of xterm, in settings > environment > general settings you can change it but it seems to close as soon as you try to launch the app

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Yup, in linux, middle clicking into any text box will paste whatever text is currently selected from anywhere else in the system. It’s really pretty handy if you get used to it.

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actually, I really miss this when I’m on windows.