Copying files with

Can someone give me the right syntax to copy all subfolders and files therein from “/directorya/subdirectory/” (somewhere inside the root folder of an addon, to “/directoryb/subdirectory2/” inside the data folder of a project as the addon is parsed.

It relates to this part of the

# some addons need resources to be copied to the bin/data folder of the project # specify here any files that need to be copied, you can use wildcards like * and ? # ADDON_DATA =

ADDON_DATA is the right variable to use, however it actually never got implemented (see this issue). I just updated/re-submitted a PR for the projectGenerator so that ADDON_DATA will work as expected, though it may need a bit of work before it gets merged:

Also keep in mind that if merged, an updated projectGenerator wouldn’t be available until the next release of OF (0.9.2? 0.10?) so you should still mention in your addon’s readme that the necessary files/folders need to be copied over. Take a look at the ofxDatGui docs as an example.

Ok, great that means I may well have been putting the correct path structure in, and a good reason it did not work.

Ill follow the PR and implement it.