Copying a project/making a new one

Hi, I realise there are instructions for how to make a new project in readme.txt, but how come we can’t just save the project with a new name to do this? Especially in a project aimed at least partly at people relatively new to programming, I can see a lot of people getting put off by having to

a) copy the folder inside of apps and paste in the same directory
b) rename the folder, and inside the folder, rename the .cbp and .workspace
c) open the .cbp file with a text editor. change the occurances of the old name to the new name

…when pretty much every piece of software released in the last decade has allowed us to save a copy from the File menu. It’s also frustrating that this normal way looks like it’s going to work, only when you open the project you think you’ve saved, all the links to the files are broken! I just wondered if there’s an easier way in the pipeline?


In answer to your question, saving the project and its associated files is a function of the IDE you are using.

Unfortunately the Code::Blocks IDE does not provide that capability. There’s a “Save Project As” File option but it only saves the project file itself.

I groused about this over on the Code::Blocks forum as it seems to me to be useful to be able to simply do a “save as” in order to make a copy of your entire project in a different location.

Yeah, I figured after I posted this that it was really a (major) CodeBlocks problem rather than an oF one. Oh well. I’ll probably go over there and grouse about it too…