copy emptyProject

I’m completely new to oF and C++. I got stuck on a really fundamental thing:

What are the steps to copy the empty project template?

I found some info in the Start up guide in oF wiki under Creating New Project in CodeBlocks. I followed the instructions, copied the folder and renamed it but still no luck. I get lots to error messages when i open the copied version. For CodeBlocks it’s necessary to change the occurrences of the old name. I’m working with xcode, do I have to make similar changes?

I’m sure there is a really easy way to copy the template so any tips are welcome.


if you are using Mac ,just right click on empty folder and Duplicate it ,rename it… and use in your project…(you can use .xcodeproj inside duplicated folder )and leave as default the (original) empty project folder…

Hope that helped (sorry for my english) …

Thanks so much it works! It took me forever this morning trying to find a solution. You saved my day!