convert opengl examples into openFrameworks in XCode (mac)

I am pretty new in openFrameworks and trying to use opengl generate shadow effect. However, most of the examples I found are not configured for the openFrameworks structure.
for example:…-?lesson=27
in the bottom of this page, there are same sample code written in different codes. I am using XCode on mac so I guess the one “Mac OS X/Cocoa code” is good to convert into openFrameworks. However, I really do not know how to convert it.
Looking for help!

i also would like some help with the same thing. i can work through the code on my own, if i can just get the tutorial running in oF and xCode. the compiler/library errors are endless when i try to port the code myself. or is there any other oF example of simple shadow casting around? i couldn’t find anything in the forum or on the wiki.

I would also like to see something like that.

Actually I am interested in Hough transform :mrgreen: