Convert blobs to windows touch events

i made an app with ofxkinect and opencv wich detects fingers in a wall as blobs
now i will like to send events like “zoom” “rotate” “pan” and “double tap” to windows 7

im new to touch technologies so i dont know where to start,
is there any oF addon to recognize touch gestures ?

and how can i send the events to windows 7 (like if events came from a touchscreen)?

i’ve seen pqlabs have an app that sends events and you could use adobe air directly with their multitouch events.

I’m not a windows specialist, but when i need to do something like this (blob, mutltitouch…), i use TUIO or GestureWorks.

GestureWorks is powerfull but not free, TUIO is great.

A few relevant thing hopefully :

You can check out this one for integrating touch event inside oF on win7 and win8:

And for injecting touches, it was not possible until a little while, so I’m not sure there’s a specific oF addon for that, but you can check this tutorial :

Edit : It appears this API is only for windows 8… So I’m afraid that if you want to do it on windows 7 you’ll have to make a driver yourslef or leverage somebody’s else work.

i’ve been searching based on your suggestions and also found
and for win 8

as i understand both are for converting tuio to native windows touch events

im thinking in moving to win8 to keep things simple but will try first
ofxwintouch +tuio+bsqsimulator
and then try “c++ gestureworks api” because it really looks like a great software they even have an openframeworks tutorial

will give news when i have something working