Convert android bitmap to ofImage

I know how to bring the Android Bitmap object to jni.
What is the way to convert the bitmap jobject to ofImage ?

Please reply. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi Akash,

I do not know about the jni-part, but do you know you can set an ofImage from Pixels:

Usually you can convert any kind of images by using these functions.
You probably can access your bitmap pixels data?

hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply @dasoe

I already tried this. Below two methods have been tried till now.

1). setFromPixels
2). ofImage::load() 

The result was good in case of load() but their were memory handling issues.
With the setFromPixels method. I feel like not all image features are copied properly.

The image read by load() was tracked by ofxFaceTracker
But the same image when read with setFromPixels() could not be tracked.

Can you share your inputs on the various image features which should be taken care off when fetching image via setFromPixels function.