Controls from Camera

Hello Again,

Well, I have seen that the ofxUVC is really good for controlling camera settings.
For one camera all is working good.

Now I have two cameras, and I’m controlling the exposure. First I open both cameras:

void testApp::setup(){

vendorId = 0x058f;
productId = 0x0362;

interfaceNum[0] = 0x00;//cam0
interfaceNum[1] = 0x01;//cam1


for (int k = 0; k < nCam; k++) {
	vidGrabber[k].initGrabber(camWidth, camHeight);
	uvcControl[k].useCamera(vendorId, productId, interfaceNum[k]);

I have a some keys for controlling like:

void testApp::keyPressed(int key){
	limEV = 8;
	if (key == 'a'){

		m == limEV ? m = 1 : m++;
		uvcControl[1].setExposure (evS2[m]);
		char numberstring[(((sizeof m) * CHAR_BIT) + 2)/3 + 2];
		sprintf(numberstring, "%d", m);
		sprintf(valE1, numberstring);

if (key == 's'){

	n == limEV ? n = 1 : n++;
	uvcControl[0].setExposure (evS2[n]);
	char numberstring[(((sizeof n) * CHAR_BIT) + 2)/3 + 2];
	sprintf(numberstring, "%d", n);
	sprintf(valE2, numberstring);

If I press ‘s’ key, the camera will change the exposure, but if I press ‘a’ the second camera does not work.

I found that , if:

interfaceNum[0] = 0x00;//cam0
interfaceNum[1] = 0x01;//cam1

are important for controlling the current device. if I set both to 0x00 the last camera will have the change of exposure when you press ‘a’ or ‘s’, if I use 0x01 in both, the cameras won’t respond.

any ideas?