Controlling OF with AJAX HTTP request

Hi there,

First , I have to admit that it’s the first time I’m dealing with ajax html request and I could have miss something really obvious…
The situation :

  • I have an application made with OF running on a computer on one side (OF 0.8.3, OSX.8.5),
  • there is an application on a tablet which is sending ajax http request
  • both of them are on a local network

The ipad will send request like

where : is the IP address of the computer
the task asked is to print an image (the name of the file is given).

Actually it seems very simple… but I can’t get a simple solution

I’ve tested ofxHTTPServer and I have some errors like :

Undefined symbols for architecture i386:
 "_MHD_create_response_from_data", referenced from:
  ofxHTTPServer::send_page(MHD_Connection*, long, char const*, int, std::string) in ofxHTTPServer.o
  ofxHTTPServer::send_redirect(MHD_Connection*, char const*, int) in ofxHTTPServer.o
"_MHD_queue_response", referenced from:

It seems that a lib is not the correct one … I try the answer provide on this issue but it doesn’t change anything

ofxHttp seems really huge and complete and definitly the answer (yet I don’t know how).
But I wonder if there is a a simpler way.

Any ideas are welcome.