Controlling a movie via OSC


Hi forum, this is my first post and my first project in of and c++, so please be gentle.
I’m using the of download on Linux and edit the code in Visual Studio Code.

I took the oscReceiveExample and the videoPlayerExample and remixed them, so I can control the frame number shown via OSC. Took me a little bit of time, but it works actually nicely. Performance seems ok.

My question is: Can i do this also while storing the frames on the graphics card buffer and how?




I’m not specialist of movie content but your probably can do that. But before create a complex program, maybe you can try different kind of movie codec compression to have a best result.


Yes, you can do it. You could save your ofTexture in a vector, and iterate through them. Be carefull when storing it, remember to put a limit on the number of texture that you push in a vector. A strategy could be, to keep just the last 30?