controlling 70 measuring tapes via kinects

We just finished setting up a new show in Sydney.

One of the pieces (Tape Recorders) used 4 kinects and Rf12 transceivers to control 70 measuring tapes.

A big thanks to all OF developers and a great forum.


Nice! you will have to upload some video - curious to see it working with crowds

wow great work. really nice to see all the technical details of the project in an electronics blog. i’m looking forward to seeing the video too :slight_smile:


Really really really great work. I’m very jealous of anyone in Sydney who can go check this out. Reading the tech article I am a little curious who’s doing everything in 64 bit delphi :slight_smile:

yeah, I was wondering about that, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, all I can say is he pulls off amazing works with delphi.

Here the official documentation of the measuring tape piece:

does rafael actually write delphi for installations like that? i always assumed he was more of a ‘producer’ kind of artist, and other people wrote the code for him.

The website usually lists all the people involved in a particular art piece and their roll.

Wow! Great work!
I loved when the measuring tapes fall down.
I don’t know if Lozano writes his own code but it wouldn’t be strange due to his “nerd” nature.

It’s nice to see this sort of art exhibitions where technology is present not just because of it’s newnessness but because it’s needed to reflect message within the piece of art.

i figured because you said “he pulls off”, you were talking about rafael – but i guess you were talking about conroy? rafael is always listed as ‘direction’ or ‘concept’ or similar.

you are right conroy is the delphi guy. according to him the new delphi can compile cross platform, even for iOS.

but i will stick to OF.