Control video settings of Firefly MV on mac

Hi all,
I am using a Firefly MV on mac 10.9 and I am not able to control the camera settings (camera changes its exposure automatically).
I can not use void ofVideoGrabber::videoSettings() because I don’t have 10.6 SDK installed (and I would like to use my current SDK, which is 10.9). Is there any other way to control camera settings inside or outside openframeworks? Is there any addon that can deal with it?

Thanks a lot!

I’ve used the ofxLibdc addon to control the settings of a FireFly MV. Unfortunately, I don’t think it has built-in support for turning the auto-exposure on/off, but it’s easy to add yourself.
I added methods like these in the Camera class in ofxLibdc:

void Camera::setFeatureAutoOnFlag(dc1394feature_t feature, bool autoOn) {
    if (camera != NULL) {
        dc1394error_t error = dc1394_feature_set_mode(camera, feature, autoOn ? DC1394_FEATURE_MODE_AUTO : DC1394_FEATURE_MODE_MANUAL);
        if (error != DC1394_SUCCESS) {
            ofLog(OF_LOG_ERROR) << "ofxLibdc: Tried to set the feature " << feature << " to " << autoOn << " but failed with error " << error << std::endl;

void Camera::setBrightnessAutoOnFlag(bool autoOn) {
    setFeatureAutoOnFlag(DC1394_FEATURE_BRIGHTNESS, autoOn);

void Camera::setGammaAutoOnFlag(bool autoOn) {
    setFeatureAutoOnFlag(DC1394_FEATURE_GAMMA, autoOn);

void Camera::setGainAutoOnFlag(bool autoOn) {
    setFeatureAutoOnFlag(DC1394_FEATURE_GAIN, autoOn);

void Camera::setExposureAutoOnFlag(bool autoOn) {
    setFeatureAutoOnFlag(DC1394_FEATURE_EXPOSURE, autoOn);

void Camera::setShutterAutoOnFlag(bool autoOn) {
    setFeatureAutoOnFlag(DC1394_FEATURE_SHUTTER, autoOn);

Thanks a lot pappis!
I just tested it and It worked perfectly!