contractor needed for person tracking prototype at IDEO

We are working on a project where we need to track people as they walk in front of two large HDTV LCD screens. For a prototype we used a firefly with a wide angle lens and CCV. This worked pretty well, but we think that this could be done in a better way.

IDEO is looking for someone who can contract with us to develop a robust “people tracker.”

What differentiates this from other projects out there is that this will have to work in full ambient light and the setup has to be able to be put basically anywhere, so the background cannot be assumed. Also, this needs to be able to capture people regardless as to whether they are slowly moving around looking at the screen or if they are quickly walking by. The position data needs to be sent through TCP for Flash to read.

We believe we can get good results with the combination of CCV returning the simple blob data to capture people walking quickly, and haar-tracking code for when people are turned toward the screen or walking slowly. Although we are open to suggestions.

Haar Tracking Thread-

We are working out of Chicago, but are open to working with someone remotely.

If you are interested please message me.

Dave Vondle