Constant projectGenerator path problems macOS Mojave

howdy folks,

lately, or really all the time ive been using openFrameworks I get this error when opening projectGenerator every single time. no matter if I change the path to what it should be, as soon as I open it again, it pops up erring out saying it needs the right path.
I am using the public download [0.10.1] of oF, for macOS, using it on Mojave

would be great if someone know a work around to fix this. its not breaking anything, its just a bit annoying to deal with every time I start up projectGenerator



What is the path you are entering ? I wonder if it has a space in it or something else that we need to account for. I’ll take a look.

If you poke through the PG app you can probably find the setting file (it’s a Json file iirc) and hard code this path. That’s not a great solution but I think it will help.

Also it would be great to find a way to package oF in a disk image to avoid this problem generally — it’s because of app translocation


yo @zach

the path I have is like so…

no spaces. but even when keeping the folder name from the unzipped oF version, still brings up that error.
ill have a look at the code & see if I can fix it


I remember this is because of macOS’s security problem(translocation). Try move you PG app to somewhere another folder and move it back.


I tested recent Electron packager and found we can automatically generate dmg or zip from it. Will try to look.

tested the move from out the folder & back & it seemed to work. great. thanks a bundle :wink:

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We can make a dmg or zip package with Electron, also it seems we can codesign too.
But first we need to update PG to fit to latest Electron version.

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