Connecting two OF pieces over Internet ?

Hi there,
I need to interconnect two installations over Internet.
The data exchanged would be VERY simple and not continuous.
Basically, each one could send integers sometimes to inform the other their state has changed.

What would you use to do that ?
Any leads would help me to design basic specifications at this point.

Many thanks

OSC (oxfOsc) seems like the most obvious candidate (and what I would use). Check out the examples in /examples/addons/osc*

Hi bilderbuchi and thanks for your answer.
I’m using OSC a lot on LANs but, because it can be implemented in UDP or TCP both over IP, indeed, it is routable over networks.

Just thought there would be another idea.
I wouldn’t think about implementing security in order to protect my installations from hackers but…

Thanks, I’ll go that way :slight_smile:

Have a look at this:

A little more processing oriented but maybe it has some capabilities you can exploit for your installation?

thanks a lot :slight_smile:
there is an OF implementation:

I’ll dig that.