Connecting Microsoft Kinect to Mac OSX

I followed the installing tutorial that is given on OpenKinect website (
I correctly followed the steps and when I ran glview, I got this result- Kinect camera test Number of devices found: 0
But the green light on the machine is keeps on blinking.
I installed libusb, libfreenect and ofxkinect as well, but the computer seems to not read the kinect.
I am on mac os 10.7 lion, 2.8 GHz intel Core 2 Duo Processor, and 8GB 1067 MHz DDR3 Memory.
I was curious so I tried on my friend’s computer too, which is os 10.6, but same result happend.
I’m wondering if something’s wrong with the kinect :confused: I just got it a week ago.
Any solutions…? or need more information…? btw I’m very new to this :smiley:

Try to download the latest OOF007 release and then compile a Default ofxKinect example. ofxKinect is included into OF007 now, so you should have no problems doing it.
Otherwise you can download this cocoa app and check if kinect is working at all with your setup.

also check if you have the new “kinect for windows” or the xbox kinect.
i get the xbox kinext working on OSX but not the new “kinect for windows”.


Just to clarify, it is being considered but currently ofxKinect isn’t currently included with OF (as of 007)

Thank you stephanschulz!
It was because I was trying with Microsoft Kinect.
I just got XBOX kinect and it works super :slight_smile: