Connect OpenFrameworks with Resolume Arena 5

Hi. I’m trying to map an OpenFrameworks proyect in Visual Studio using Resolume Arena 5, but first I need to connect both sofwares, anyone know how to do this? I tried many addons but it does not work. It says “cannot create directx OpenGL interlop”
PS: I use Windows.

What do you mean by connect the two softwares? If you want to share video frames between each other, you should look at Spout. In case you want oF to talk to Resolume, OSC would be your best bet, etc. If you could elaborate a bit more on what your need and use case is, can point to a few concrete examples and approaches.

Years ago I played a little with FFGL plugins and OpenFrameworks, with some success but it was with an older OF version and it does not work with 64 bits Arena. The code if you want to have a look (dirty as it is) is here.

A working approach is to use spout to build a two way connection between a Resolume plugin and an OF application, supported by an OSC link to send parameter values. I wrote an addon for this that was functional at the time, but I never heard of someone using it :grimacing: the idea of going from Arena to OF and back via a double spout channel is not the most elegant solution but it proved to be flexible (you can do whatever you want in your application) and fast. If you fancy have a try the code is here

Yep, im using Spout, but when I tried the sender connection, it says “cannot create directx OpenGL interlop”. A guy said it might be the Intel graphic card.
I need to map my entire OF proyect in a DDR dance pad.

I tried the FFGL, not the bridge. I will take a look!

ndi could be also an option. it does the same as spout or syphon, but it is cross-platform. and resolume supports ndi.

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Cool! Could you send me a link to the soft download? Thanks!

NDI works great but is not exactly the same as spout, it is meant for video transmission over a network and despite being very efficient it always eats some cpu power. Spout does texture sharing inside the GPU and hence is much faster and uses less resources.


thanks for clarifying, i was not aware of that.


NDI is a good way of sharing textures over the Network or between apps if needed, but prefer Spout or Syphon on the same computer as NDI implies video compression thus impact on image quality and latency. Though NDI is advertised as very low latency (2 or 5 frames) and visually lossless so it is quite good and very useful ! (i use it everyday)

Plus, if i remember well, Resolume Arena 5 is an old version and doesn’t have the NDI feature. NDI appeared in V6 i think