Confusion on setup/getting started

I have Visual C++ Express 2010 installed on my computer. I looked at the setup information on this site, but it looked like it just says to basically install Visual C++ and that’s it. My question is, how do I set visual C++ up to use openFrameworks.

I have been trying to get started using OpenFrameworks, mostly because of this tutorial: I downloaded his OpenFrameworks code here:

When I tried to build his code, it would say something like, ofMain.h not found. So I went to properties and included the folder it was in under include and library. Then when I tried to run it again, it would mention a different header file not being found. I went through adding each folder where it said it couldn’t find a .h file until I got to POCO/foundations.h and I couldn’t get it to be found.

In any case, I know I was doing this completely wrong and I continued doing it just hoping it would work. Anyway, my question is how do I set up openframeworks and get his code to run?

Did you download VS2010 007 from here?

Once you do that, then you can put the OF example from that tutorial into a folder like OF/apps/examples/ or make a new one like OF/apps/ca_tutorial/. As long as the relative path to the libs folder is the same (i.e. 3 folders up) that code should work fine. I can’t remember if I put anything really 006 specific in it, but I don’t think so. If you run into any problems I can fix it on my site. Hope that helps,

I wasn’t able to get your example running, however, with your instruction I was able to at least figure out how to run the OpenCV example, and change it so it uses live video. Would I be able to adjust this program to do facetracking instead of blobtracking?

That tutorial was all about hooking up the Arduino to openFrameworks, so it won’t work very well without an Arduino to talk to. If you just want to do face tracking, check out the opencvHaarFinderExample in the addonsExamples/