Confusing bezier drawing methods on ofShape

Hey. This might be an issue only I have, but I’m a bit confused about the difference between the bezierTo and the quadBezierTo method.

Since both take three points as arguments it would seem that they both draw Cubic Bezier’s? (the previous point as the from point, the supplied p argument as the to point + two control points?) Or is it so that the quadBezierTo method draws a quadratic point from p1 to p3 through p2? In that case should the method be named quadBezier and not quadBezierTo as it implies that it draws from the current point?

First post here. i noticed that the old qtKit implementation of ofVideoPlayer is a lot faster than the current one. i can track it to that it directly stream the data to a texture instead of making a copy

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@Raza01 can you post a new thread ? (as this doesn’t have anything to do with beziers)