Configure qt for OF

I have successfully installed OF on Linux as well as QT. But I am unable to find guide or tutorials regarding how to configure qt for OF. I followed this (

But in the QT creator, I am not getting Openframeworks project when I click on new Project.

maybe this can help:

hey I got Thank you. I will try it out

its showing up
WARNING: Plugin path ‘/usr/lib//qbs/plugins’ does not exist.
WARNING: Search path ‘/usr/share/qbs’ does not exist.

Also When I give the paths correctly in addition to the above warnings it marks that ofMain.h file not found

Finally I figured out my errors successfully and compiled my project on Eclipse., After trying qt, Codeblocks and emscripten.

But still I feel I should be using qt. I request someone to add support for qtCreator configuring with OF.

Can you by the way tell me the advantage of emscripten.

Thank you