Configuration parser? ini file?

Hi there,

Does of has a ini parser? Or a way to store settings?
I neeed to store some information like port/host address,
image width, etc… What’s recommended?


the ofxXmlSettings add-on rocks. it’s in the FAT release, if you downloaded that.


I’ve been trying to install / use the xml setting w/o luck…

I’m using code blocks, added the src/lib directories to my search paths but I
get an error it cant fine the type. I’ve defined the “use” xml define.

Any advice?

did you download the FAT package for CB ? - there should be an example in addons example directory that works straight off… - zach

hi! I downloaded both and copied the addon to my “slim” install…

in addition to addion to adding the addon folder, you will need to add other stuff, see install.xml for the list:

a) text to ofAddons.h
b) add the include paths
c) add the source to the project

there is info here:…-ing-addons

if you’d like to (a) post the errors you are seeing or (b) post a zip of the project, I’d be happy to help more…

take care,